Preparing Vegan Meals - A How-to-Guide

Vegan diets are purely vegetarian dishes. This is because a vegan is a person who consumes all foods other than those from animal products. This clearly exempts foods like eggs and milk as well as meat. Vegan meals are therefore clearly from plant products. To understand how vegan meals are prepared, one therefore needs to know how to prepare foods derived from plants.  Read more great facts on vegan and cruelty free makeup, click here. 

Plant based recipes have diverse ways of preparation. This is because plant products can be leafy vegetables, fruits or even root tubers. Clearly, each of this food types is cooked in a uniquely different way. For instance, most root tubers require boiling for preparation. This is the same case for most cereals such as beans and peas. This is however not the way to prepare food types such as mushrooms and vegetables which require frying or steaming rather than boiling.  For more useful reference regarding vegan cheesecake recipe, have a peek here. 

What type of recipes should be used to prepare vegan dishes? What is the practical procedure to be followed? Well, there is no definite answer to this question since each recipe requires a different way of preparation. We therefore need to delve into particular recipes and how they are prepared. Of importance to note is that the combinations of ingredients can be altered depending on availability of the food type within a given locality. 

Let us consider the preparation of a typical vegan dish. In this case, let us take a case example of spicy vegan potato curry. Potatoes are universal root tubers that would be found in most countries. This makes them good for use in illustrating how a vegan dish is prepared. The ingredients for this meal would be potatoes, peas, coconut oil, fresh ginger, tomatoes, onions and other additives for spicing of the meal.  Please view this site for further details. 

The first step would obviously be to boil the peas since cereals require boiling before they can be subjected to any other method of cooking. The next step involves peeling and splitting of potatoes, onions and tomatoes as well as the other additives. Potatoes do not have to be boiled before being fried since they can cook faster than peas. Fry the onions and add tomatoes after the onions have cooked. Cook the tomatoes until they form a thick paste before adding the potatoes. Potatoes should have been split into smaller pieces to expedite the cooking process. With the potatoes almost completely cooked add the peas and other additives and cook until ready. This would form a nice potato curry vegan meal.